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peaceful seagull
31 December 2020 @ 01:39 pm
fics written after 2015 + selected earlier fics can also be found at archive of our own
full archive (including deleted fics) at eogiyadiya@dw

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peaceful seagull
05 April 2016 @ 04:08 pm
breathtaking, fantastic
infinite + vixx, myungsoo/hongbin
pg (violence), 8,609w
kim myungsoo, a.k.a. infinite black, has a lot to deal with: his civilian job at the woollim daily newspaper, an upstart group of superheroes (and one robot) that's threatening to make his beloved team irrelevant, and a tall, mysterious man with a camera and a killer smile. oh yeah, and those exo aliens that keep trying to destroy seoul.
--written for ifntvalentine 2016.

By the time Myungsoo arrives on the scene, the EXO alien is already through the portal.Collapse )
peaceful seagull
23 August 2015 @ 10:56 am
lay your head to sleep, breathe deeper
infinite, sunggyu/hoya
pg-13 (mention of drug abuse/addiction, use of iv and needles), 10,236w
inception au. howon's job is to recover secrets, not people, but for sunggyu, he will always make an exception.
--written for seasonthreee 2015. this version has been edited.
--soojung = baby soul; boa = kim boa of spica; minhyuk = b-bomb
ao3 mirror

“For something that strong, the person has to want to come out of it on their own. And there’s only one way to do that: not extraction, but inception.”Collapse )
peaceful seagull
19 June 2015 @ 10:06 pm
i really like you
winner, jinwoo/seungyoon
pg, 6293w
when the ceiling of jinwoo’s american apartment caves in, he moves in with seungyoon, a failed musician who lives downstairs.
--written for hyukbins for winnerexchange 2015.
--carly rae jepsen, "i really like you"
ao3 mirror

If they were back on Imja-do, Mrs. Yu who raises chickens would probably tell Jinwoo that it was a harmonious arrangement, to have it happen right in the middle of the floor.Collapse )
peaceful seagull
25 December 2014 @ 04:00 pm
robot rock
bts, gen
pg, 7400w
the crew of the cypher head to polluted planet earth in search of a big bounty, and wind up with more trouble than they bargained for.
--written for bisteu for nugu_seyo 2014.
ao3 mirror

It starts as a normal day on the Cypher.Collapse )
peaceful seagull
29 October 2014 @ 08:45 pm
smart bomb
infinite, hoya/sungyeol
pg-13; ongoing
ao3 mirror

you got an answer (january 2009)

“As if you’re a normal person.”Collapse )
peaceful seagull
28 February 2014 @ 11:59 pm
i wasn’t able to do an advent for december, so i’ve decided to do one for february/valentine’s day instead! apologies to the many great people i have taken this idea from.

how it works:
1) pick a date.
2) leave me a pairing/ot#/person and a prompt. (anonymous comments are on)
3) i will write you something.

non-exhaustive alphabetical list of groups i will write for: bangtan, infinite, mblaq, miss a, orange caramel, tasty, vixx, ze:a. if there’s another group (or non-k-pop fandom!) that you know i like or follow, feel free to ask for it. crossovers and gen/friendship are welcome.

please keep in mind the time frame when prompting (i.e. simpler/clearer is better), and feel free to leave multiple prompt/pairing options! it doesn't have to be valentine's themed. if i really can’t do a pairing or prompt i’ll let you know, but i will try my best. (`。・ω・。´)

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peaceful seagull
27 February 2014 @ 10:49 pm
like a milli
bts, j-hope/v (always-a-girl)
pg, 3602w
taehyung runs for student council against the love of her life, jung hoseok.
--written for bangtanexchange february 2014 for shrdmdnssftw; originally posted here.
ao3 mirror

The first order of business, Taehyung decides, is candy.Collapse )
peaceful seagull
20 February 2014 @ 10:21 am
[140220] if i haven't posted your fic yet: i haven't forgotten! unfortunately life has gotten in the way u__u instead of valentine's it might be...spring fics? i will reply to your comment when it comes up so hopefully you will see it then ^^; thank you for your continued patience!


[140129] due to time constraints i've decided to rearrange my valentine's schedule so it runs every 2 days over the whole month of february, rather than every day for 14 days. (i should probably also stop calling it valentine's but eh.) i've updated the posting schedule accordingly. basically, if you've asked for a fic on a certain day, please multiply it by 2.


[140108] i am deleting several older fics from this journal because i no longer find them representative of my writing. however, they are all still available at eogiyadiya@dw (you may recall this is my old lj username), and i will leave them up there FOREVER.
peaceful seagull
14 February 2014 @ 02:22 am
starlight song
b1a4 + block b, jinyoung/zico
pg, 1848w
fox spirit au. hundreds of years later, jinyoung finds jiho again.
--for mangafanxd
--b1a4, "starlight song"

Jinyoung wakes up because he hears a ghost.Collapse )